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More love. 

More connected sex. 
And full body orgasms.

The Tantra Journey online course. 

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Tantra Journey online course

Want to start practicing tantra but don't know where to start? 

Tantra Journey is an online course for complete beginners who wants to learn all the basics of tantra and completely transform their entire sex and love life. 

With follow-along videos all you need to do is press play and start!

You will learn how to open your heart for more love and how to have deeper soul connections as well as completely transform your sexual life and become multi orgasmic and having full body orgasms.

Learn all the secrets to tantra sex and how to start practicing it in your daily life.

The course can be done by both singles & couples and each practice has both a solo & partner version to choose from.

Learn tantra in a easy and fun way.
All in a modern package completely 
ready-to-go for you.
Just press play and start practicing tantra. 

Start journey 697€

Why take this course?

  • Become multi orgasmic

  • Have full body orgasms

  • Open your heart and love more

  • Have deeper soul connections 

  • Have more intimate & connected sex

  • Become a conscious lover 

  • Learn everything about tantra sex 

  • Experience a 60 minute guided tantra sex ritual 

  • High quality follow along videos

  • For both singles & couples 

Start journey 697€

What students are saying

Start journey 697€

Chapters & lessons

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Blood, sweat & full body orgasms

We are a group of Swedish tantra teachers that created this course with big passion! It took much blood, sweet and full body orgasms before we could put this all together! We have done tantra teacher trainings, studied with masters and have many years of experience in teaching tantra.

We saw that many people really want to learn tantra, but don't have time for long trainings or going away on expensive retreats. Therefor we created this online course so you can explore tantra from the comfort of your home, anytime and anywhere and just press play and follow along the instruction videos.
We deeply hope and believe that you will enjoy the course and that it will transform your love and sex life - forever! And if not, we have a 10 days money back guarantee, so you can try out the course and know it's a 100% risk free investment.

Start journey 697€


Start journey 697€

Are you ready to..

  • Become a conscious lover? 

  • Have more intimate sex? 

  • Have deeper soul connections? 

  • Have full body orgasms? 

  • Become multi orgasmic? 

  • Have conscious relationships?

  • Start practicing tantra in an easy way with step by step guidance?  

Start journey 697€

What is included  

The full introduction to tantra
(value 1000€)

The complete Tantra Journey training with all videos and practices
(value 5000€) 

Tantra sex ritual
(value 2000€) 


VALUE 8 000€

Start journey 697€